Face masks reducing spread of germs

Reducing the Spread of Germs

With the current evolving Covid-19 pandemic, there is a particularly strong focus on reducing the spread of germs within the community, particularly through the use of face masks. Medical textiles with antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties are an important factor in the war against germs and the containment of viruses, infections and diseases such as Covid-19. Medical-grade fabrics are used in products such as healthcare masks, sleep apnea products including CPAP masks, surgical wear, dressings, bandages, artificial ligaments, nappies, back support braces, sporting ankle braces, sporting knee braces and much more.

What are Medical Textiles?

Medical textiles and antibacterial fabrics are designed to prevent the growth of potentially harmful microorganisms that may develop on face masks and CPAP masks. These fabrics are designed to stop the build up of germs resulting from the oils and acids naturally released by the skin.

If antibacterial fabrics were not used, these products could be susceptible to the formation of bacteria, viruses, mould and other harmful microorganisms, which present serious health risks, particularly to those using medical equipment. Medical textiles serve to eradicate these harmful microorganisms in these products and in effect, help to minimise the spread of germs within the community. With just one bacteria cell possessing the ability to magnify to more than one million bacteria cells in a period of only seven hours, bacteria can rapidly spread. This is why Medical textiles, such as the ones used in Face Masks and CPAP fabric, play an essential role in maintaining the health of our society.

For people who experience skin irritations and allergies, hypoallergenic and latex free CPAP fabric provides additional comfort, allowing users of CPAP masks to breath more easily. With a soft sponge-like feel, the CPAP mask is able to respond to the user’s movements through expansion and contraction, resulting in increased comfort. The softness and durability of the medical fabrics also aid in the prevention of skin irritations and allow products to be worn comfortably for longer, increasing their usefulness.

How does Biomed support the minimisation of illnesses within the community?

Biomed assists the community in maintaining wellness through the development of medical-grade fabrics that are used in the creation of medical equipment including healthcare masks and sleep apnea accessories such as CPAP masks and chin straps.

Biomed’s mission is to create high quality medical textiles, which is why we ensure that our business operations always align with our ISO 9001 certification for quality management. Our dedication to strict Australian standards demonstrates the reliability of our products and our commitment to providing our customers with superior products that offer a high level of comfort through the minimisation of skin irritations alongside antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. Through the prevention of germs and bacteria, the life of medical products such as CPAP masks can be prolonged, as the build up of bacteria and germs can cause fabric that is not of a medical-grade to deteriorate over time.

At Biomed we have a longstanding partnership with ResMed to supply medical grade fabrics for their products, which have offered superior patient comfort for decades. To find out more information on our full range of medical grade fabrics, please contact our team of Biomed medical fabrics and materials experts on (02) 9758 3855.