Hypo Allergenic Fabric

Hypoallergenic Fabric Manufacturing Company

As a Fabric Manufacturer with decades in the industry, Biomed is at the forefront of Medical Textile development. There have been a number of important advancements in Medical Fabric Manufacturing in recent years. Hypoallergenic Fabrics and Antibacterial Fabrics are of particular note as they allow people who suffer from allergies and other ailments to trust their fabrics for greater comfort and to stop the spread and growth of microorganisms.

Because of these properties our fabrics are primarily used in medical and healthcare for products such as  CPAP Headgear & CPAP Chin Restraints, CPAP Masks and other CPAP Supplies. We supply Resmed with Antibacterial Fabrics for use in their industry leading CPAP & Sleep Apnea Equipment globally.

These products each require very specific fabric qualities. For example, an Anti-Snoring Chin Strap, must incorporate high quality Anti-Bacterial Fabric, which is comfortable to wear, but also allow free and easy movement without irritating the skin, and is also provide strong support without being restrictive.

However, as the benefits of Medical Grade Fabrics are discovered, their use across a wide range of textile markets beyond the medical industry has grown. Most notably for sporting applications and by military personnel, where bacteria present in sweat and body oils is prevalent and may pose a health risk.

As textile companies who Manufacture Medical Fabric are seeing a demand for their products outside of the medical sector, the breadth of applications has been further explored. For example the Fabric Manufacturing Companies can produce products like:

  • Mobility Aids
  • Clothing
  • Sports Wear
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Supportive Braces
  • Safety Equipment
  • Pillows and Bedding

Products that incorporate Medical Textiles are given an edge over their competitors as they see that customers are enjoying the numerous health benefits that Hypoallergenic Fabrics provide. Antibacterial and Hypoallergenic Fabric properties promote the destruction of germs and microorganisms which could lead to harmful diseases and illnesses. At Biomed we produce Medical Grade Fabrics which have Antibacterial properties, and are Allergen and Latex free for greater comfort along with a reduction in the spread of allergens, germs and irritations.

Biomed has a longstanding partnership with ResMed to supply Medical Grade Fabrics, which have been providing superior patient comfort for decades. For more information on our full range of Hypoallergenic Textiles, please do not hesitate to contact the professional Biomed team on (02) 9758 3855.