Sporting Support Braces

Biomed is a sporting medical fabric manufacturer who has introduced a new range of Sporting Compression Goods.

Providing a mineral imbedded fabric (copper), for a range of applications including Sports Compression Goods to full Body Suits (t-shirts, pants and socks).

Biomed uses Nano technology by infusing medical fabrics with minerals, which include copper and silver. The Silver Nanoparticles in the fabric, help kill bacteria, making clothing Odour-resistant, and the Nanopores also provide superior insulation.

Our range of self-cooling fabrics, have been proven to lower body temperatures between 1-2 degrees, which promotes increases in overall body performance.

Biomed provides a range of Sporting Braces & Supports, which include, Knee Braces, Elbow Braces, Wrist Braces, Ankle Braces, Back Support Braces, and are all made from Charcoal fabrics. We also provide warehousing solutions and prototyping for our clients.

Health Benefits

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Superior Absorption & Deodorizing Ability
  • Provides warmth
  • Natural fibre
  • Hypo-allergic, easier on sensitive skin
  • Heat trapping
    • Far Infrared Radiation properties- increase cellular energy, accelerate the speed of blood circulation, promote and improve body metabolism.
    • Superior Washing and Durability

Benefits of copper fabric

  • 99% anti-bacterial
  • FIR reflection which promotes blood circulation and increased oxygen levels in the blood.
  • Prevention of premature fatigue
  • Improved regeneration
  • Lower lactic acid build up
  • Positively affect performance and wellbeing.
  • Lowers pulse rates during strenuous activity

Sporting Knee Brace

Relieve pain caused by misalignment of the knee, anterior knee pain. The active support and corrective straps, stabilize the position of the kneecap and activates the musculature, thereby accelerating the healing process. If your knee feels weak, is swollen or painful, the knee support can help you. It relieves pain, stabilizes the joint and helps to achieve faster mobilization.

  • Secure kneecap guidance
  • Relieves knee pain
  • Stabilizes the knee joint

Sporting Elbow Brace

The BioSport elbow support relieves tendon pain such as tennis elbow (epicondylitis lateral) and similar muscle and tendon attachment site irritation or inflammation. Its integral pressure cushion (pad) relieves pressure on the tendon attachments at precisely the right points. It can be worn on either the left or the right arm.

  • Easy to put on and take off
  • One universal size
  • Breathable material

Sporting Ankle Brace

After an operation or in the event of slight sprains or repeated overloading, the ligaments of the foot are often weakened and require increased stabilization, which is provided by BioSport ankle wear. The active support with individually adjustable strap system gives your ankle reliable support even whilst in motion and protects against the lateral twisting of the foot.

  • Increased stability of the ankle on the move
  • Breathable material for high wearing comfort
  • Ideal for sport thanks to the protection against lateral twisting

Sporting Back Support Brace

In the event of pain in the lumbar spine (lumbar vertebral syndrome) or moderate muscle weakness. Our back supports align the lumbar spine and relieve the intervertebral discs. Anatomically contoured corset stays at the rear of the orthosis support of the back while an individually adjustable compression acts upon the lumbar spine to control motion and limit pain. It is easy to adapt to individual body shapes providing the perfect fit.

  • Individually adaptable for the perfect fit
  • Dual adjustable straps on both sides for added support.
  • Light, elastic and breathable
  • A strong partner in combating back pain


What range of sporting support braces does Biomed offer?

At Biomed we offer a variety of sporting support braces such as a sporting knee brace, sporting elbow brace, sporting ankle brace and a sporting back support brace. Our range of support sport braces utilises nano technology by infusing medical fabrics with minerals including silver and copper. The silver in the nanotechnology has several features such as limiting odour by killing bacteria and providing significant insulation. 

If you are wanting to find out more about our range of sporting support braces or are interested in warehousing solutions or prototyping, reach out to our friendly team at Biomed today!

What are the benefits of a sporting knee brace?

A sporting knee brace aims to relieve knee pain which may be caused by misalignment of the knee or general anterior knee pain. The sporting knee brace works as a compression garment, utilising corrective straps which assists with stabilising the knee, securing the kneecap and providing extra support. As the sporting brace secures the kneecap, this can assist in promoting the healing process of a swollen, weak or painful knee due to the activation of the musculature.

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