The team at Biomed is dedicated to providing unique solutions to meet any customer requirements through our unique patented, medical grade fabric and other outstanding fabrics sourced globally. We also assist in the manufacture, design and supply of high-quality products in environments where premium latex-free and hypoallergenic fabrics are necessary.


At our medical grade fabric engineering company, we have a highly skilled team and enthusiastic design engineers who can assist our clients every step of the way during the creation of their product. We offer design assistance to maximise comfort, feel and aesthetics at a cost that suits the client’s budget. Importantly, our expert team also has access to extensive technology that allows us to promptly manufacture affordable product throughout this process.


At Biomed, we recognise that flaws in production methods can have detrimental effects to the final product and hinder its durability and functionality. With state of the art technology, high class machinery and a highly trained team, our clients have access to superior fabric and manufacturing services including laminating, sewing, die cutting and ultrasonic welding to maintain the longevity, reputation and reliability of each product.


Our manufacturing experience and commitment to producing high quality and products and services has led Biomed to proudly achieve an ISO 9001 certification. This certification means our team abides by strict quality assurance procedures including tracking product batches through identification serials. Such quality control procedures ensure that any potential risks are greatly minimised and any errors can be rectified immediately should they be encountered.


Biomed is committed to customer satisfaction in every aspect of our partnership. We have access to secure and reliable storage facilities for our customers to utilise. We also provide efficient, on-time delivery services, currently available to customers in most NSW regions.

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