At Biomed, we take medical engineering very seriously. We provide a range of CPAP headgear and CPAP chin restraints of the highest quality. Our CPAP headgear and chin straps provide patients with comfort and reassurance that our products will result in patient satisfaction.

CPAP headgear is used to help keep the Sleep Apnea Mask secure during the evening whilst you sleep. To prevent allergies and to increase comfort for the patient, medical grade, latex-free fabric with antibacterial properties are utilised.

CPAP headgear is also manufactured with stretchy and durable medical grade materials to maximise product longevity and ensure the patient can use the product in an easy manner. The Latex Free fabrics also place a great emphasis on comfort for the patient, as inferior and less comfortable materials can significantly hinder treatment. It is also a cost-effective way for the patient to remain comfortable at night.

As CPAP headgear is worn by patients for approximately 8 hours per night, it is recommended CPAP Headgear is replaced regularly to achieve the best outcome for sleeping disorders, and to also ensure patients remain comfortable. Purchasing CPAP headgear is a very cost effective way to provide comfort to the patient and by purchasing good quality CPAP Headgear, patients will rest easy.

Best CPAP Headgear & Chin Restrains are those that are made with high quality medical grade fabrics. For example, Latex Free CPAP Headgear Mask Fabric is the material Biomed uses in its manufacturing process. It minimises patient discomfort and eliminates skin irritation. Biomed is a leading supplier of CPAP Mask Fabrics to ResMed and Biomed holds a patent for high grade latex free fabric, which is used in all CPAP mask applications.

Alternatively, CPAP Chin Restraints for Sleep Apnea help improve the effectiveness of CPAP therapy by ensuring the mouth does not fall open during sleep. Again, durable, lightweight and stretchy hypoallergenic fabrics are used to manufacture CPAP chin straps, ensuring maximum comfort and reliability for the patient.

CPAP Chin Straps are made with the same Latex Free Medical Grade Fabric as used in CPAP Headgear. CPAP Chin Straps are usually designed for patients who snore and statistics show more than 80% of people are open mouth snorers.

Biomed manufactures CPAP Chin Straps for ResMed and use only the best medical grade fabric. Click here to learn more about how to reduce snoring with a chin strap.

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