Our Biomed technical textile range uses the complex sensitive fabric combinations, designed to provide maximum comfort and versatility In order to adequately meet the requests of our clients. As a specialist medical fabric company, we ensure that our fabrics are of superior quality and are latex free, allergen free, antibacterial, breathable, stretchy and durable for maximum comfort and reliability.

In order to further satisfy any client requirements and requests, we happily offer an extensive range of fabrics which is available in a variety of sizes, densities, colours and patterns. The design engineers at Biomed are highly experienced to assist our customers with suitable options for their requests and budgets, providing confidence in the manufacture of the products they need to create.


Does Biomed offer hypoallergenic fabric?

Yes, at Biomed we offer hypoallergenic fabric for many items to suit personal sizes and meet preferences in terms of densities, colours and patterns. As a medical fabric manufacturing company we specialise in a range of medical textiles and fabrics to ensure we provide quality and long-lasting products that are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, allergen free stretchy, breathable and utilise latex free fabric – as we understand everybody has differing requirements!

Our team of designers at Biomed are experienced in all aspects of medical textiles and hypoallergenic fabric, and can assist you in providing you with suitable options based on your preferences, requirements and budget.

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