CPAP Masks

Our CPAP masks have been designed with the patient in mind. To ensure our CPAP masks perform to the best of their ability, our CPAP Mask products undergo a stringent quality control check system. We hold an “A” Grade supplier rating with ISO 9001 Certification, and as a result, the CPAP masks we manufacture are of the highest quality on the market.

For sleep apnea sufferers, CPAP therapy is the most common treatment solution to alleviate the condition. When commencing this therapy, there are many considerations that patients need to consider, like the type of CPAP mask they will use. In fact, there are three common variations of CPAP masks including full face masks, nasal pillows and nasal masks.

These CPAP masks are manufactured with Biomed patent-protected high quality latex free and antibacterial fabrics, taking the patients personal comfort, skin sensitivity and preferences into consideration. These medical grade fabrics help prevent allergic reactions and fight the spread of germs, while ensuring the technology is comfortable to wear for a good night’s sleep.

Biomeds’ patent technology is leading the way for patient comfort and seal. As a leading supplier to ResMed, for their CPAP Full Face Masks, CPAP Nasal Pillow Masks and CPC Nasal Masks, Biomed provides a full solution to the Sleep Apnea sufferer who requires a CPAP Mask to get a good nights’ sleep.

So how do you know which CPAP Mask to buy?

CPAP Full Face Masks are specifically designed for patients who suffer tremendously from their sleep apnea. The constant high-flow pressure of a Full-Face CPAP Mask is suitable for people who breathe with their mouths and those who have nasal obstructions. A CPAP Full Face Mask provides dramatic improvements in the quality of the patients sleep, and as a result eliminates snoring and makes them feel more well rested.

CPAP Nasal Pillow Masks are specifically designed to stop the flow of air to the patients’ nostrils. They create a perfect seal, by fitting directly to the bottom of the nose, with a pillow type cushion. CPAP Nasal Pillow Masks are fast becoming one of the more popular choices for patients with sleep apnea, as they are lighter in weight, smaller in size and most importantly quieter, collectively providing the patient with a sound nights’ sleep.

CPAP Nasal Masks are the most popular type of CPAP masks for patients, as they provide a common ground between a Full-Face CPAP mask and a Nasal CPAP Pillow Mask. They provide the stability of a Full-Face mask, without having the pressure into their nasal cavity, as with the Nasal Pillow Mask. Breathing is made a little easier as the cavity size is larger, yet the nasal mask is lighter and quieter.


What is a CPAP mask?

A CPAP mask is a common treatment option for people who suffer with sleep apnea. At Biomed we are a CPAP mask manufacturer and offer three varieties of CPAP masks which include the CPAP full face mask, CPAP nasal pillow masks and CPAP nasal masks. 

As Biomed is a CPAP mask manufacturer we strive to provide the highest quality products which are latex free and utilise antibacterial fabrics. The materials and fabrics we use aim to prevent allergic reactions and fight the spread of germs whilst considering personal comfort, preferences and skin sensitivities.

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