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Reusable Face Mask FAQ’s

Face Masks are now becoming more commonplace, with many places and some governments now making it mandatory for people/visitors to wear a mask. If you are new to wearing a Face Mack, you may have some questions about how to best maintain your mask. Below are some commonly asked questions in regards to Reusable Face Masks/ Anti bacterial Face Masks:

How do I clean my Reusable Face Mask?

There are different cleaning requirements for different types of Reusable Face Masks. Outlined below, are the cleaning methods for Biomed’s range of Reusable Face Masks. If you have obtained a mask from another manufacturer, then it is best to check with them which cleaning method is most effective for your mask.

It’s important that you clean your hands with soap and water or hand sanitiser, both before and after touching your Face Mask.

Bioshield-05 & Anti bacterial Face Mask

To clean your Bioshield-05 Reusable Face Mask or Anti bacterial Face Mask, first boil some water (enough to cover the entire Face Mask). Then submerge the mask in the boiling water for three minutes. Be careful not to come into contact with the water as you may burn yourself during the process. Then wait until the water has cooled down before removing the mask from the water. Air dry the mask once it has been cleaned.

3 Layer, 5 Layer & 7 Layer Reusable Face Mask

When cleaning your 3 Layer, 5 Layer & 7 Layer Reusable Face Mask, be sure to not rub the mask whilst cleaning it, as this can cause the n-PTFE to burst. To wash the mask, spray 75% alcohol on the front and back of the mask. Leave the alcohol spray on the mask for a period of 15 minutes and then wash the Reusable Face Mask either by hand or in the washing machine with antimicrobial washing detergent. If you choose to wash the mask in the washing machine, place the mask in a 3D Laundry Net for protection. Once washed, dry the mask in the shade and avoid contact with sunlight.

How often should I wash my Reusable Face Mask?

If you are feeling sick with hay fever, cold or flu symptoms, you should wash your Reusable Face Mask every day. If you are feeling well, then it is fine to wash your mask every 3 days. It is important to note that each Reusable Face Mask can only be washed a certain number of times. Be sure to check how many times your Face Mask is able to be washed before disposal. Once you have washed your Face Mask for the final time, you can wear the mask for another 3 days if you are feeling well. If you are experiencing hay fever, cold or flu symptoms, only wear the mask for 1 day after the final wash and then move on to a new Reusable Face Mask.

How do I take my Reusable Face Mask off and put it on?

Before touching your Reusable Face Mask, ensure your hands have been washed with soap and water or hand sanitiser.

With clean hands, hold the ear loops and place the mask on your face so that it covers your mouth and nose. Then secure the ear loops around your ears. In order to be effective, the mask should fit snugly with no gaps.

Whilst wearing a Face Mask, be careful to not touch the mask, as it may be contaminated. If you accidentally touch the mask, wash your hands.

When removing the mask, be careful not to touch the front of the mask which may have been contaminated. Hold the mask by holding the ear loops and then lift the mask up and remove it. After removing the mask, wash your hands again.

How do I store my Reusable Face Mask in between use?

When storing your Reusable Face Mask in between usage, be sure to fold it in half so that the inside of the mask that touches your face doesn’t come into contact with other surfaces which may have been contaminated. It’s best to store your mask in a dry place that has good ventilation, such as a paper pag.

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