Biomed Antibacterial Fabric

Why you should use Antibacterial fabric in your CPAP Accessories?

Antibacterial Fabrics help to destroy or inhibit the growth of microorganisms, especially pathogenic microorganisms which may attach themselves to CPAP Masks or CPAP Headgear products, which are used in the use of Sleep Apnea products and accessories.

If an Antibacterial Fabric layer wasn’t used in Sleep Apnea accessories, the products would be prone to contamination and would ultimately need to be discarded. Microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, protozoas and fungi, including mould, are very common in household fabrics, and can pose a serious problem to peoples’ health. That is why brands like Resmed invest in Antibacterial Fabric applications in all Resmed Headgear straps and Resmed Chin Restraints, to ensure Sleep Apnea patients, enjoy a safe and healthy sleep, whilst using their Sleep Apnea equipment.

By utilising Antibacterial Fabrics in Sleep Apnea products and accessories, extends the life of the fabrics, and constantly fights against microorganisms that pose a health risk.

Such Antibacterial fabrics used in Sleep Apnea Accessories include:

  • Brushed Velvet Fabric
  • Brushed Lycra Fabric
  • Lycra Fabric
  • Spandex Net Fabric
  • Eco-Friendly Nylon Velcro Fabric
  • Wicking Fabric
  • Copper Fabric
  • Anti-Bacterial & Far Infrared Ray Fabric
  • Laminated Foam
  • Velcro
  • Elastic
  • Customised Fabric

These Antibacterial Fabrics for CPAP Accessories come in a range of colours and sizes to suit the individual requirements for Sleep Apnea patients. At Biomed, we provide Antibacterial Fabrics for use in CPAP Headgear & CPAP Chin Restraints, CPAP Masks and other CPAP Supplies, and Biomed is one of the largest suppliers of Antibacterial Fabrics for use in CPAP Equipment to Resmed, who is at the forefront of providing Sleep Apnea products globally.

These fabrics were developed with the help of healthcare professionals to provide a wide range of applications, which are durable, antistatic and ultimately more comfortable for patients who need to sleep with CPAP Masks during the night. To ensure patients’ CPAP Headgear remains free from bacteria which is present in sweat and body oils, Antibacterial Fabrics play a big role in providing patients with this reassurance.

Biomed manufactures Antibacterial Fabrics specifically for use in Sleep Apnea products and other specialised applications, in their Australian facility. Biomed provide their clients a range of specialised services, which include design, laminating, die-cutting, sewing, ultrasonic welding, prototyping and warehousing, to create products for use in a wide variety of other products. The use of Antibacterial Textiles in products have soured across the globe, with a realisation to stop the potential spread of potential diseases, however Antibacterial Fabrics are also becoming increasingly more popular in other applications like sporting equipment and even in the apparel used by the Defence forces.

Biomed is a leading Antibacterial Fabric Supplier to Resmed and to ensure all Biomed medical textile products meet the strict Australian and business standards, they are committed to maintaining their ISO 9001 certification for quality management, of their products. This commitment ensures all Biomed CPAP Headgear, CPAP Chin Restraints and other CPAP Accessories are manufactured with quality Antibacterial Fabrics, to provide optimium patient comfort and reliability.

Biomed is a leading medical fabric manufacturing company, who has a longstanding partnership with ResMed to supply Antibacterial CPAP straps and headgear, which has been providing superior patient comfort for decades. For more information on our full range of CPAP Antibacterial fabrics or other technical textiles, please do not hesitate to contact the professional Biomed team on (02) 9758 3855.