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Knee Support Brace and Straps

Biomed designs and manufactures Sporting Knee Support Braces and Knee Straps, in Australia and has been manufacturing medical grade fabrics for more than 30 years.

What is a Knee Support Brace?

A Knee Brace or Knee Support Sporting Braces, are Wrap-Around style braces, that support the knee by limiting the ability for the knee to move in un-natural positions, hence protecting the knees tendons and ligaments from being torn or damaged in sporting activities.

The Knee Brace may also provide may also provide a small amount of pain relief to a knee that may be weak or injured when playing sport.

What is a Knee Strap?

A Knee Strap provides a smaller amount of support to the knee. It allows the knee to move a little more easily and is commonly used as an extra amount of support for people that may not necessarily have any problems with their knees.

What are Knee Braces Made from?

Knee Support Braces, are made from fabrics, which include Charcoal that is infused with Nano Particles. These fabrics also contain Copper & Silver. The Nanoparticles are woven into the fabric, and provide many health benefits. Learn more about the health benefits here.

Do Knee Braces Provide Pain Relief?

Knee Braces may provide pain relief when playing sport, as Knee Braces restrict the mobility of the knee, as the Sporting Knee Brace helps to protect the joints and muscles around the knee, and as a result reduces the load on the muscle and joints, hence helping to reducing the pressure and pain.

Can Knee Support Braces be worn all day?

Knee Braces and Knee Straps may be worn all day, if you are suffering from pain in the knee from either playing sport or if your movement in the knee is causing you pain.

However, you should seek the advice from a medical practitioner to determine the effects of your injury and if a Knee Brace or Knee Strap is suitable for your condition.

It is also Not recommended that knee braces are worn during sleep or when swimming, due to-the-fact that there is no pressure or load applied to the muscles or joints whilst swimming. You should not wear your Knee Support Brace or Knee Strap whilst sleeping, as this is when healing may be promoted.

Biomed medical fabric products meet the strict Australian and business standards, and as a company is committed to maintaining their ISO 9001 certification for quality management, of their Knee Brace Products. The quality and reliability of all Biomed Knee Support Braces, provide comfort and reliability to our customers and reassurance to customers who use our sporting support products on a daily-basis. Biomed with its range of Sporting Support Braces, is a Knee Brace Company in Sydney, that puts customer comfort first.

Biomed is a leading Knee Support Brace & Strap Company, who provides Sporting Knee Support Braces and Knee Straps to sportspeople and professional athletes. For more information on our full range of Sporting Knee Support Braces and Straps, please do not hesitate to contact the professional Biomed team on (02) 9758 3855.