How to Prepare for a Safe Covid Christmas and New Years

Even as society returns to a ‘new’ normal, it is still important to consider how you can modify your traditional holiday plans to reduce the spread of illnesses. There are a few helpful tips that can keep our friends and family healthy and safe this holiday season, which is particularly important for those of us planning to spend time with older relatives this holiday season.


Medical Masks and Reusable Face Masks

Wearing a face covering is still the number one recommendation to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Face masks provide a physical barrier to block germs coming into your body through your mouth and nose, whilst also preventing any germs spreading from your body to others.

But it is important to note that not all coverings are effective such as scarfs, bandanas and face shields. You should make sure the face masks you use for upcoming celebrations are medical grade.

At Biomed, we proudly hold one of Australia’s best medical grade textile ranges for reusable face masks. Using complex and sensitive fabric combinations, our designs provide maximum comfort and versatility, perfect for any age to wear comfortably.

Our range of face masks are available in a variety of sizes, layers and specifications, Biomed can assist with custom designs such as logos. We offer five types of reusable medical masks which suit different price ranges and different usages.

  • Bioshield-05
  • 5-layer face mask
  • 7-layer face mask
  • Antibacterial face mask
  • 3-layer face mask

Most importantly, at BioMed, we understand that face masks are worn for long periods, which is why we have thoroughly tested and engineered our masks for superior quality and comfort. As a result, our masks are latex-free, allergen-free, antibacterial, breathable, stretchy and durable for maximum use and reliability throughout the holiday season.


            Gift Ideas for People with Chronic Pains

In addition to safeguarding your family against illness this holiday season, it would also be beneficial to surprise your family with gifts that support a healthy lifestyle and future. Not only would BioMed’s leading medical grade face masks be great presents, but we also have an extensive range of products which can help relieve pain.

Particularly, Biomed specialises in mineral-embedded health care fabrics, with the use of nanotechnology to infuse medical materials with coppers and silvers. The minerals have an abundance of health benefits, aiding your injuries and helping you to recover faster.

The fabrics help to kill bacteria, make clothing odour-resistant and provide superior insulation. It is possible to get self-cooling fabrics, which have been proven to lower body temperatures between 1-2 degrees, thus increasing your ability to perform.


  • Support Braces

Help relieve the pain of your loved ones this holiday season with BioMed’s light, elastic and breathable back support braces and knee braces. Our range of sporting compression goods is imbedded with mineral fabrics, to help you recover faster and perform better. The most significant benefit of copper fabrics is FIR reflection, which promotes blood circulation and increases oxygen levels in the blood.

Our anatomically contoured corset supports back orthosis, while an individually adjustable compression acts upon the lumbar spine to control motion and limit pain. At the same time, our knee brace stabilises the kneecap and activates the musculature, to accelerate your healing process and achieve faster mobilisation.


  • CPAP Supplies

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a loud snorer or a sleep apnea sufferer? CPAP therapy is a common treatment to alleviate these types of discomfort. Biomed also offers a range of CPAP accessories that will improve the effectiveness of CPAP therapy and are very cost-effective ways to provide comfort to patients.

CPAP headgear is used to keep sleep apnea masks secure whilst you sleep. Our mineral embedded health care fabrics increase your comfort and eliminate skin irritations, with stretchy and durable latex-free fabric.

BioMed’s CPAP Chin Restraints for Sleep Apnea encourage soundless sleep by ensuring the mouth does not fall open during sleep. Chin Straps are most beneficial to patients who snore, as more than 80% of people snore more intensely when their mouth is open.


Stay Safe with BioMed This Holiday Season

Biomed’s mission is to create high-quality medical textiles, which is why we ensure that our business operations always align with our ISO 9001 certification for quality management. Our dedication to strict Australian standards demonstrates the reliability of our products and our commitment to providing our customers with superior products that offer a high level of comfort through the minimisation of skin irritations, alongside antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties for safety and comfort.

Through the prevention of germs and bacteria, the life of medical products such as CPAP masks can be prolonged, as the build-up of bacteria and germs can cause fabric that is not of a medical-grade to deteriorate over time and become unsanitary and uncomfortable to wear.

At Biomed, we have a longstanding partnership with ResMed to supply medical grade fabrics for their products, which have offered superior patient comfort for decades. To find out more information on our full range of medical-grade fabrics, please contact our team of Biomed medical fabrics and materials experts on (02) 9758 3855.