Sports Fabric Manufacturer

Selecting clothing with advanced Sports Support Fabrics

The popularity of sportswear in the public and growing comfort in casual wear in our society, has increased the interest in fabrics and textiles that was once used primarily for medical applications. Sports Support Fabrics have established significant value due to many sportswear brands taking advantage of the highly beneficial properties that these materials contain.

For example the health advantages of Sporting Fabrics can include:

  • Water Wicking Fabric
  • Adaptive Fit
  • Silver & Copper, to help kill bacteria
  • Odour Resistance
  • Reduces Lateral Twisting
  • Insulation Properties
  • Deodorising Properties
  • Nanotechnology
  • Heat Trapping & Dispersing Properties
  • Lightweight, Elastic and Breathable
  • Promotes Good Posture and Stability
  • Easy to Remove and Comfortable to Wear
  • Pain Relief
  • Antibacterial & Hypo-allergenic
  • Insulation Properties

Developing specifically designed Sporting Fabrics to provide performance athletes as well as everyday people with healthy Sportswear is an emerging consumer need. Sports Fabric Manufacturers have spent a significant amount of research time and money towards selecting the right sports fabrics and materials for their customers.

Sportswear manufacturers have also adopted properties common in Medical Fabrics for use in their Sports Support Fabrics. These properties provide further health benefits when incorporated into Sports Compression Clothing and Sport Support Materials, some of which are:

  • 99% Anti-bacterial Fabrics
  • Prevention of Muscle Fatigue
  • Increased Stability & Strength
  • FIR Reflection, to promote Blood Circulation
  • Reduced Lactic Acid Build-up
  • Improved Regeneration
  • Lowered Heart Rates

In addition to Sportswear, Sports Support Products such as braces and wraps, are highly important Sports and Medical Fabric products on the market, for customers looking to reduce the chance of injury or recover from existing injuries.

The BioSport range of active sports support products are designed to assist in healing from sprains, weak ligaments and muscle pain. The straps and braces are adjustable for a firm yet comfortable fit, and are made from Sports Support Fabrics and Materials developed specifically for this purpose. Our range of Sports Support Braces include:

The Sporting Support Brace products we have on offer are designed to promote healthy movement and reduce pain during physical activities, such as sport or even everyday activities where individuals may feel discomfort or strain.

At Biomed we design and manufacture Sports Support Braces and Medical Grade Fabrics in Sydney Australia at our Sporting Fabric Manufacturing Facility, and have been for more than 30 years. We understand how important feeling fit and healthy can be to your overall wellbeing and we are proud to produce Superior Sporting Fabrics and Healthcare Fabrics for sporting and lifestyle applications.

At Biomed we are a Sports Fabric Manufacturing Company, who manufactures durable, lightweight and flexible hypoallergenic fabrics, which are used to manufacture Sporting Support Braces & Sporting Compression Clothing, ensuring maximum comfort and support. Additionally, Biomed has a longstanding partnership with ResMed to supply Medical Fabrics which are used to manufacture CPAP Masks and Chin Restraints for patients that suffer from Sleep Apnea, which has been providing superior patient comfort for decades. For more information on our full range of Sporting Fabrics and Materials, please do not hesitate to contact the professional Biomed team on (02) 9758 3855.