Health Care Fabrics

How can Medical Fabrics & Materials impact my health?

Medical Fabrics and Materials are commonly used in the treatment of injuries, illnesses and injury recovery as well as many other medical diagnosis’ to contain the spread of bacteria, provide comfort and reduce strain.

It is easy and reasonable to trust medical professionals when they recommend treatments. Therefore the medical materials and equipment that these medical personnel use during their practice should also garner that same level of trust in order to ensure the best possible level of care is administered.

With each item within a medical facility, such as a medical clinic or hospital, stringently tested and sanitised, you assume that there is no risk in the spread of germs and bacteria. However, even sanitary medical fabrics and equipment can become contaminated quickly when in contact with germs due to illnesses, as well as injuries and wounds. This is why it is important that medical grade fabrics which can prevent the spread contagions are used.

Why choose specialised medical textiles?

Healthcare textiles or Medical Fabrics and Materials, as they are often referred, are a type of designer fabric developed for their superior health benefits.

Using medical grade fabrics and in particular antimicrobial fabrics, when given the option is an important step in containing numerous viruses, infections and germs. This is because of the unique properties that Antimicrobial fabrics have, which offer an advanced level of hygiene and contamination resistance.  These additional hygiene and health benefits, allow for wide use of these medical grade fabrics in internal or external patient applications. Research has shown that the implementation of specifically designed and clinically tested medical grade fabrics and materials are imperative to effectively treat patients and reduce the risk of spreading dangerous germs to themselves and others.

How are technical fabrics or medical fabrics used?

Biomed specialises in the development of patented technical fabrics that are used in the manufacturing of medical equipment intended for daily and extended use, such as CPAP headgear and CPAP masks. Medical Fabrics and Materials, such as the ones offered by Biomed, reduce the irritation, blistering, and discomfort in comparison to standard materials, as well as extend the life of the often expensive medical products by preventing bacteria and germ build-up from naturally secreted acids and oils in the skin.

Trillions of germs live in your body and in a medical environment they can mix with both sick and healthy individuals, causing a breeding ground for sharing dangerous germs. Cleaning agents and disinfectants are commonly used to remove germs, but using Medical Fabrics and Materials as part of a patients treatment can be immensely beneficial to minimising the hazards in place and creating a hygienic environment that fast tracks recovery and healing.

Our numerous advancements in our medical grade fabric manufacturing including antimicrobial, allergen free, latex free and antibacterial properties have produced a growing number of requests for their use from both medical staff and patients alike.

At Biomed we have a longstanding partnership with ResMed to supply Medical Grade Fabrics for their products, which have offered superior patient comfort for decades. To find out more information on our full range of Medical Grade Fabrics, please contact our team of Biomed  Medical Fabrics and Materials experts on (02) 9758 3855.