Sporting Support Knee Brace

How Sports Knee Support Braces Work?

In many cases, if you have injured a joint during a sporting activity, your medical practitioner will recommend you wear a support brace. A Sports support brace is an external supportive device which is designed to stabilise the joints, provide support and assist in your recovery. Sports Support Braces are made for a variety of body parts including knees, back, wrists, elbows and ankles. Knee Support braces are particularly common as this area can be prone to injury from sporting activities, as well as in everyday activities for overweight or older persons.

What is a sports knee brace and how does it help?

A sports knee brace is a supportive fabric accessory which is worn over the injured knee in order to provide added stability. The brace, usually made from strong hypoallergenic fabrics, fits tightly to the knee and much like sports tapes locks down the joint so it can only move in motions which will benefit recovery. However, unlike sports tapes, a sports knee brace can be removed and reused.

The knee brace can, if prescribed, be easily worn everyday without discomfort. This allows for the daily strain put on a highly active knee joint to be reduced, allowing for a greater opportunity for a timely recovery. Many injuries, especially those to major joints may heal well but result in reduced mobility and strength. Wearing a knee brace can help you to regain confidence in a recently recovered knee, returning to exercise and sport quickly.

Why do athletes wear knee braces?

Injury Prevention:
Participating in sports can put significant strain on muscles and joints due to the high energy demands, physical exhaustion, physicality and bodily contact involved. This is why many players wear braces on areas of their body which they feel are prone to injury. Wearing a knee brace to prevent an injury can often play a vital role in protecting against an injury or limiting the chance at reinjury.

Knee braces used in this way are often referred to as function braces. Functional braces are usually more lightweight than a standard knee brace and provide the additional strength and support but allow for a wider range of motion as to not hinder participation in sport.

When recovering from an injury, you may feel like you are be back to normal functionality but the joint may still be weak. During this time it is beneficial to wear a supportive knee brace to increase your chances of recovery to 100% without any setbacks.

For example, at the end of your recovery period you may feel as though you can jump back into sport and play as you had prior to the injury, but doing so may risk the chance of reinjury. Therefore, a knee brace can be worn to secure your recovering joint and provide added strength until you are certain your injured knee has recovered successfully. A complete recovery from a knee injury could take as long as 6 months in good cases. Therefore if you are returning to sport early or you are wanting to get back into exercise quickly, it would be worthwhile considering a knee brace.

Many minor injuries to a knee can result in swelling which can be painful, uncomfortable and significantly restrict mobility. Swelling occurs when blood is rushed to the site of an injury, which in turn increases pressure and the area swells up. Swelling can delay the healing process and slow your overall recovery. A great way to reduce swelling is to compress the area using a compression brace. Compression knee braces are effective in reducing swelling and discomfort. These kinds of braces are not ideal for extended use but are helpful in recovery, especially using the R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) method.

Supporting an Injured or Weak Knee:
After first injuring your knee your practitioner will likely recommend that you wear a knee brace. Depending on the type of injury you have sustained, you will be requested to wear the brace anywhere between a week to multiple months. A supportive knee brace is highly effective when worn during the rehabilitation of an injury. These types of braces are usually heavier, highly strengthened and more substantial in size than other braces, as they are designed to protect the knee at its weakest time. The additional support that the brace provides ensures that you are less likely to cause damage and prevent the required healing to occur. Whilst wearing a rehabilitative knee brace your mobility will be highly reduced and they are usually less comfortable when compared to other knee braces. But if your recovery remains on track, you will out of this brace and into a smaller supportive knee brace relatively quickly.

Our range of Biosport support braces are made from high quality, specially designed medical grade fabrics and meet the strict Australian standards. Biomed is committed to maintaining the ISO 9001 quality management certification for our products. This certification demonstrates the reliability of our products and reassures our customers that the sporting support braces we sell are of the highest standards.

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