Latex Free Fabric

Why you should use latex free CPAP fabric in your Mask

It is not easy at the best of times to get a sound night sleep, whilst sleeping with a CPAP Mask. However, in-order to minimise discomfort and to also stay free from any skin irritations, patients should use Latex Free CPAP Mask Fabric. Being a major supplier of Chin Straps for Sleep Apnea to ResMed for more than 30 years, Biomed are a leading textile manufacturing company, best known for creating high-quality CPAP masks with our patented medical grade fabrics. Biomed holds a patent for quality, high grade Latex Free Fabric, which is used in all CPAP mask applications.

What are the benefits of using Latex Free CPAP Fabric?

The most common benefits of using a Latex Free Fabric, would be in its ability to mould with your face, whilst sleeping on a pillow. The soft fabric allows patients to move freely, without worrying about having hard plastic pushing against their skin during the night.

With its soft-sponge like feel, the CPAP fabric also ensures the mask fits firmly against the patients face, whilst allowing the CPAP mask to expand and contract when the patient moves whilst asleep. By doing so, the CPAP Fabric encourages a firm seal thus reducing any leaks.

By using Latex Free Fabric in your CPAP Mask, will ensure skin irritation is reduced to a minimum, however there are many different types of medical grade CPAP fabrics, which can provide patient improvements in their comfort levels. Some of which include, Brushed Velvet Fabric, Brushed Lycra Fabric, Spandex Net Fabric and Anti-Bacterial Fabric just to name a few. To see the wide range of Latex Free Fabric, we use in our CPAP mask material click here.

Biomed understands the absolute requirement in providing quality latex free fabrics, for use in CPAP mask manufacturing. Research also shows, the majority of patients are side sleepers and as a consequence, require a latex free CPAP strap which is light-weight and takes up less surface area on their face. Resmed provide quality CPAP masks for side sleepers, that use the patented Biomed technology.

Biomed is a leading medical fabric manufacturing company, who has a longstanding partnership with ResMed to supply latex free CPAP straps and headgear, which has been providing superior patient comfort for decades. For more information on our full range of CPAP medical fabrics or other technical textiles, please do not hesitate to contact the professional Biomed team on (02) 9758 3855.