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Treatment Options For Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a common and treatable sleep disorder in which breathing stops and starts repeatedly for a period of time or breaths are shallow while sleeping due to partially or completely blocked airways. If left untreated, these breathing patterns can be potentially serious. Luckily, if you have recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea, there are plenty of treatment options available in order to manage your condition and improve your overall health and quality of life.

The most common treatment method prescribed to sleep apnea patients is the use of continuous positive airway pressure masks and machines, usually referred to as CPAP therapy. The use of CPAP masks and machines is considered to be the highest standard of treatment for sleep apnea suffers and is the most effective non-surgical approach. This therapy works by supplying pressurised air that flows continuously to promote unobstructed breathing while you sleep.

While this treatment is very effective, many recently diagnosed sleep apnea sufferers are often apprehensive due to the vast array of bulky CPAP accessories that are required. CPAP therapy involves the use of a CPAP machine to control airflow and a tube or hose to transport the air from the machine to the airways. It also involves a CPAP mask that is specifically chosen to suit the individual’s preference. You can choose from a nasal mask which only goes over the nose, a nasal pillow mask that fits under the nose or a full mask, which covers the mouth and nose.

These masks are usually fixated in place while you sleep with CPAP headgear and chin straps in order to avoid the mask being displaced, which will impede results.

It is not uncommon for first-time CPAP users to experience some slight discomfort during the transition to using your CPAP supplies, but you should find contentment in the fact that CPAP machines are actually smaller and quieter compared to older versions, and high-quality masks create with hypoallergenic fabrics and medical grade fabrics provide enhanced comfort. In fact, at Biomed, we are a leading CPAP manufacturer, providing superior fabrics to suppliers such as the medical equipment company Resmed. This partnership ensures the creation of the highly regarded CPAP supplies such as Resmed masks, headgear and chin restraints for sleep apnea sufferers.

A common concern for sleep apnea sufferers is the onset of allergies, sinus problems and congestion when using a sleep apnea mask. While the use of allergy medication can help relieve these symptoms, CPAP masks that have been manufactured by our team at Biomed utilise allergen free, latex free fabrics and antibacterial materials to minimise the occurrence of allergy-related symptoms in the first place. Some CPAP machines also use humidifiers to help alleviate congestion and promote comfortable breathing all night long.

While there are several treatment therapies available to sleep apnea sufferers, the most commonly prescribed is the use of CPAP masks and machines. Upon prescription, you may feel nervous in relation to the equipment use, however, there are many devices on the market to help you feel comfortable and finally achieve optimal rest. At Biomed, we hold a patent for complex sensitive fabric combinations, ideal for the creation of medical grade soft goods. Our high-quality fabrics have been used to create masks, headgear and chin straps for sleep apnea supplies. Our hypoallergenic materials are stretchy, durable and breathable, providing optimum comfort for users.

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