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Preventing the Spread of Illness with Medical Masks

In the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, personal protective equipment such as medical masks, are at the forefront of conversation. Many people question what medical masks actually achieve and should they wear one?

If you are unsure about whether a medical mask will be beneficial for you, then it is best to seek the advice of a medical professional such as your doctor. However, to assist you in your decision, we have outlined the purpose of a medical mask both in general and in the COVID-19 battle below.

What do medical masks do?

A medical mask is designed to cover the mouth and nose, in order to prevent the spread of respiratory infections and bacteria within the community.

When should a medical mask be worn?

A medical mask should be worn by those who are experiencing symptoms that suggest a respiratory infection, such as coughing and sneezing. By wearing a medical mask, people who are feeling unwell can minimise the chances of spreading their illness to others. Medical masks are also beneficial for health professionals who are caring for those with respiratory infections. When deciding if wearing a medical mask is necessary, be sure to do research into the product or consult your doctor for professional advice.

Are masks effective against Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Research has shown that COVID-19 is spread through the community via particles in the air from coughing, sneezing and even speaking. It is highly contagious and is spread through close interaction with those who have contracted the virus. COVID-19 is also known to survive on surfaces for long periods of time, meaning that the virus can be transmitted through touching something that has been contaminated by someone with the illness. A medical mask can be worn by those infected with the disease to minimise the risk of contaminating surfaces and people. However, those that have been diagnosed with COVID-19 should remain in isolation until they have recovered.

Many people who have Coronavirus are asymptomatic, meaning that they do not experience any symptoms at all. People who eventually do develop symptoms can still spread the virus even before their symptoms arise. Therefore, it is possible to catch the virus from interacting with someone who appears to be well, but is a carrier of the virus. This is why it is recommended that medical masks are worn in public places where social distancing can be challenging, such as shopping centres. Wearing a medical mask in addition to maintaining social distancing, will reduce the chance of you spreading an illness that you may not be aware you have.

How to Wear a Medical Mask

Prior to putting on a medical mask, you should wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap. If you are unable to access soap and water, then you can use a hand sanitiser that contains at least 60% alcohol.

Once your hands are clean, put the mask on your face so that it covers your mouth and nose. Secure the medical mask to your face by putting the elastic around your ears. The mask must have a snug fit around your face with no gaps.

Whilst wearing a medical mask, be careful not to touch the mask. If you touch the mask unintentionally, then you should wash your hands thoroughly. When you remove the mask, try not to touch the front of it and wash your hands immediately afterwards.

What are medical masks made from?

Biomed specialise in the production of medical grade fabrics and respiratory face masks in Australia. Our high quality medical masks have antibacterial properties, due to the use of specially designed medical grade fabrics. Our medical masks are designed to be worn for long periods and are highly breathable, making them comfortable to wear. Additionally, all of our face masks are durable and can be washed multiple times for reuse.

Biomed medical textile products meet the strict Australian and business standards, and are committed to maintaining their ISO 9001 certification for quality management of their products. The superior quality and resilience of the Biomed medical textile products, provide customer comfort and also provide assurances to customers who use their medical textile products on a daily-basis.

Biomed is a leading medical fabrics company, who has been providing quality medical textile products for decades as well as many other industry sectors. We understand the importance of robust and safe fabrics which ensure maximum comfort and reliability. For more information on our range of medical textile applications, please do not hesitate to contact the Biomed team on (02) 9758 3855.