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Back Support Sporting Braces

A Back-Support Brace, is a wrap-around brace, that support and align the lumbar spine and relieve the intervertebral discs. Additionally, the Back-Support Brace may also provide a level of pain relief, as a result from the support it provides to affected areas, which may be injured. The Back-Support Brace should be worn, in the event of pain in the lumbar spine (lumbar vertebral syndrome) or moderate muscle weakness.

Biomed manufacture Back Support Braces, here in Sydney Australia and have been manufacturing medical grade fabrics for more than 30 years. Their Back-Support Sporting Braces are individually adaptable for the perfect fit, have Dual adjustable straps on both sides for added support, are light, elastic and breathable and are a strong partner in combating back pain.

The manufacture of Back Support Braces, include fabrics, which are made from Charcoal and are infused with Nano Particles. These Sporting Back Support Braces are infused with minerals including Copper & Silver. The Nanoparticles are woven into the fabric, and provide many health benefits to the person, which can be viewed by clicking here.

There are many debates as to whether Back Brace Supports help with back pain, because back braces also affect mobility of the back, but whilst the back-support brace helps to protect the lumbar spine and muscles around the back, whilst doing so reduces the load on the spine, hence reducing pressure and pain associated with the injury.

What makes a good Back Support Brace?

Back Support Braces should provide not only comfort and support to your lumbar region, but should also be safe from attracting bacteria. Biomed manufacture their Back Support Sporting braces using Nano Technologies, and provide the following key benefits to their clients.

  • Is made using Nano Technology
  • Individually adaptable for the perfect fit
  • Manufactured under strict Australian Guidelines
  • It is light, elastic and breathable
  • One that provides increased stability during movement
  • Provides protection against lateral twisting
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Provides security and may help to relieve pain
  • Antibacterial, Hypo-allergenic, heat trapping and deodorising abilities

The best back supports available are generally the Anatomically contoured corsets, which stay at the rear of the orthosis support of the back while an individually adjustable compression acts upon the lumbar spine to control motion and limit pain. It is easy to adapt to individual body shapes providing the perfect fit.

Back Support Braces can be worn all day, especially if you are lifting with your back, as this can cause pain and injury. Additionally, if you are sitting for long periods of time, it is advised to wear your back-support brace if you are sedentary for long hours, as keeping a correct posture will result in less tension in your lower back. However, it is highly recommended by physicians that you should always stand up and move around every 20-30 minutes or so.

In some cases, your Physician will recommend you use your back support brace all day, if you just had surgery and you need that extra support. Having said that, Physicians also recommend that you should not try to rely upon back-support brace, to mask the pain of an injury which may need further investigation.

It is also not recommended that back support braces are worn during sleep, nor should you wear a back-support brace whilst swimming. This is because during these times, there is no pressure or load applied to the muscles or joints, and during sleep is when healing may be promoted.

Biomed with its range of Sporting Support Braces, is a Back-Support Brace Manufacturer in Sydney. All Biomed medical fabric products meet the strict Australian and business standards, and as a company is committed to maintaining their ISO 9001 certification for quality management, of their Sporting Support fabric products. This demonstrates the quality and reliability of their products to not only provide customer comfort but also reliability and reassurance to customers who use their sporting fabric products on a daily-basis.

Biomed is a leading Sporting Support Brace Company, who has been providing superior medical fabric products to patients for decades in addition to providing Sporting Back Support Braces to sportspeople and professional athletes. For more information on our full range of Medical Sporting Support Braces, please do not hesitate to contact the professional Biomed team on (02) 9758 3855.