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Benefits of sport support braces

Sporting Support Braces, provide strength, flexibility and support to a person or athletes muscles and joints, which can promote recovery and even provide protection from further damage associated with sporting activities. Additionally, Sport Support Braces, are also commonly used in the rehabilitation of injuries, and provide the patient, with an extra layer of protection, which […]

Support brace for knee

A Knee Support Brace, is a wrap-around brace, with knee straps, that provide mild to moderate support to the knee. Additionally, the Knee Support Brace may also provide a level of pain relief, as a result from the support it provides to affected areas, which may be injured. Biomed manufacture Knee Support Braces, here in […]

Medical fabric and its uses?

Medical fabric is now one of the fastest growing sectors in the textile market place, and can be applied to a range of industry sectors, even outside the medical sector. These medical fabric applications, are designed to provide not only a healthy product for people that may suffer from allergies, but are also designed with […]

CPAP Companies that produce CPAP Equipment?

If you were to search for CPAP companies, that manufacture or sell CPAP equipment, you will be immediately faced with a never-ending list of CPAP companies, that all seem to offer very similar products and services. So how do you know which CPAP companies to trust and which are the reputable ones? CPAP companies, one […]

What is the best CPAP equipment for patients?

Patients that suffer from Sleep Apnea often require CPAP Equipment which is short for (Continuous positive airway pressure – CPAP). This kind of device is used for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. A CPAP machine utilises a hose which is connected to a mask or nosepiece to deliver an ongoing flow of air pressure to the […]

Why you should use Antibacterial fabric in your CPAP Accessories?

Antibacterial Fabrics help to destroy or inhibit the growth of microorganisms, especially pathogenic microorganisms which may attach themselves to CPAP Masks or CPAP Headgear products, which are used in the use of Sleep Apnea products and accessories. If an Antibacterial Fabric layer wasn’t used in Sleep Apnea accessories, the products would be prone to contamination […]

How to reduce snoring with a chin strap

It is possible to reduce your snoring, and as this might give much needed comfort to those around us that may benefit from you getting a good night sleep, the market is flooded with anti-snoring products, which may all seem great. So how do you know which Chin Strap is the right one for you? […]

Why you should use latex free CPAP fabric in your Mask

It is not easy at the best of times to get a sound night sleep, whilst sleeping with a CPAP Mask. However, in-order to minimise discomfort and to also stay free from any skin irritations, patients should use Latex Free CPAP Mask Fabric. Being a major supplier of Chin Straps for Sleep Apnea to ResMed […]